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General Terms and Conditions


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We offer non-certified engine systems for installation in Ultralight (UL) and Very Light Aircraft (VLA).
In addition to the basic engine with core accessories, we also supply further necessary accessories. These necessary accessories are dimensioned to match our system perfectly and have successfully undergone sustained operation trials. But it is also possible to use components from other producers.
Note that the scope of delivery does not include the engine frame, tubing and connectors because the space available under the cowling varies with aircraft type. As such, customised solutions have to be designed for individual aircraft types. Furthermore, we offer special accessories which greatly facilitate installation and operation. However, alternative solutions are available.

             Basic Engine                     Core accessoires NOT pre-assembled


Basic engine M160/1 60KW (82 HP) with core accessories

Scope of delivery:
including generator, centrifugal clutch, necessary sensors and carbon fibre oil trough.
Gearbox: timing belt 1:2,1 / pitch circle 75mm
Electrical components: engine controller (ECU), module box, controller cable set, pressure sensor, temperature sensor.
Others: Accelerator module, air conduits and clock valve

Engine and gear are pre-assembled


Basic engine M160/1 74KW (100 HP) with core accessories

Scope of delivery as with 60KW engine.

Further necessary accessories    

Water cooler

Charge-air cooler

Air filter

Compensator reservoir with lid

Muffler including connector and coupling

Fuel pump and fuel filter
Special accessoires

Suspension set:
retention plates with shock absorbers for installation in a frame


Smart Mip: Engine monitoring unit with analogue and digital display: engine RPM, fuel consumption, fuel level, manifold pressure, oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, on-board voltage and other parameter. The device stores a log of the last 250 flights with date, take-off and landing time and flight duration. Names of several pilots can be stored.

more info: Schicke Electronic

Cable set with operating panel: For installation in instrument panel. (ignition lock, starter button, fuses, charge indication lamp etc.)

Tubing – charge air for FK9

Tubing "water"

Base plate for electronic components

Engine frame adapted to FK9

Heating plant


We also undertake full installation of the engine in your aircraft. The cost of assembly (including custom fabrication of a suitable frame!!) as well as that of customising the cowling will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
We would like to welcome you to our facilities and see how the smart engine is installed in the training FK9 aircraft of the flying school, so that you get an overall idea of the smart engine in your aircraft. We also be glad to clarify any technical issues. Please arrange a date with us in advance.

Engine and gears fully assembled. All accessories will be enclosed as discrete components (without couplings).

Ecofly does not manufacture propellers. We recommend the following propellers:

  • Warp Drive (USA) 68” three-blade
  • Duc (France)


Terms of payment:
€5,000 payable at the time of ordering, remainder payable at the time of delivery / pick-up.
Indicated prices apply ex Speyer exclusive of packaging.
Prices subject to change.


Important notes:
We reserve the right to make technical modifications.

Engine installation must comply with the requirements stated in the Installation Manual.

The full system must be tested after first-time installation.

Our engines may be used exclusively in UL and VLA, which may be operated using non-certified engines.


Further information

TBO (Time between overhaul):
Since long-term trials have not been concluded, an exact TBO value cannot be indicated. We expect a value of 2,500hrs. This value is based on the fact that the engines have already undergone long-term trials by the manufacturer Daimler-Chrysler.
The first smart engine which we installed in the FK-9 aircraft of our flying school ran for about 1,400hrs without any significant problems.

Full overhaul:
For a full overhaul, the existing engine is replaced by a brand new engine. The gears are completely dismantled and worn out components are replaced. Estimated costs amount to approximately €4,500.

Maintenance intervals:
See Operating Manual

2 years


Order Form
Please print out and send it via fax to:

+49 (0) 63 24 / 70 89 81

or by mail:
Im Steigert 5,
D-67459 Böhl-Iggelheim,

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